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Running and Life: New Year, New Chapter


This year I choose to . . . 

  • Reflect– If we are willing to stop, analyze and reflect on where we have been, then we can use those moments to gain perspective and move forward.  Reflect on what went right, but also be open to opportunities to adjust or change things that didn’t work.  Our ability to reflect allows for an innate awareness of ourselves that will lead to personal growth in running and life. Each day, week, and month, setting aside time to reflect and learn from ourselves.

“A journey, I reflected, is of no merit unless it has tested you.”
Tahir Shah, In Search of King Solomon’s Mines

  • Celebrate–  Be good to yourself.  Stop and celebrate the small achievements, instead of waiting for what you think might be the biggest achievement.  Celebrate the tiny steps that we take each day to change and improve in running and life.  These moments are far too often overlooked because they mean seem small or insignificant.  It’s refreshing to celebrate each step in the direction we take to train hard, race strong, and live life well.  Encourage and celebrate the achievements and success of others.  There is unmistakable power and strength when we celebrate not only ourselves, but others around us.


  • Aspire- Each new year is another chapter in this book of life.  The pages are blank, waiting to be filled with new hopes, dreams and adventures.  We have this great big opportunity to set new goals, goals that will make us stronger, more capable and confident.  Our goals don’t have to be huge, lofty out of reach goals, just focus on the series of steps that will bring us closer to empowerment and success in running and life.  Our goals should give us pride and accomplishment upon achieving that goal.

Discover a purpose that gives you passion. Develop a plan that makes you persistent. Design a preparation and motivates you to optimize your potentials. Do it because you love it!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

  • Endure- Strength is born from enduring the tough moments. Being persistent is following our heart, our dreams and goals.  From endurance comes fortitude and resilience.  As we endure the hard training, early or late evening runs and all those tough moments in between of “fitting it all in” , we are rewarded with that feeling of accomplishment that is so freeing and empowering.  Endure the hard days, those times when we must find the strength to push ourselves when faced with challenges that test our will.  Believe in yourself and your ability to find strengths hidden deep within the uncomfortable moments of our lives.

“Craving for the top of the mountain is a feeling to yearn for, an endurance we learn from.”
Goitsemang Mvula

Happy New Year!  What will be next for you in  this new chapter!

I’m excited to continue to connecting and sharing in this journey of running and life!- MaineGirl2Runs 

Thinking Out Loud: Back to School Week! 

Wow! Where has summer break gone?! So much going through my mind right now and so much to do! This is the perfect day to just let my thoughts flow! I am linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons!  

Next Wednesday, I head back to “teacher duties” and so this week has been all about mentally and physically preparing the house-organizing the office, kitchen and my closet! I’m a bit nervous because after 17 years of teaching 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, I’ll be teaching 1st grade! 



What I will Miss About Summer:

  1. Not having a set schedule! Staying up late, watching random movies and old favorites- AGAIN and AGAIN! I love the book and movie-Fried Green Tomatoes! 
  2. Being able to run and workout whenever I want
  3. Trips to Maine!
  4. Being able to hydrate and use the bathroom Whenever I Want:)

Coffee on the front steps after morning runs! Being able to linger a bit longer after mid morning, weekday runs! 

  • Still deciding if I’ll be running in the evenings, after school, or becoming a . . . MORNING RUNNER! I’m still working on that “morning runner” motivation thing! Two runners, that are really motivating morning runners are, Colleen-Live Free and Run and Sarah-Run Far Girl

As I return to teaching next week, I’ll be stocking up on these refreshing natural sodas!


  • I found these natural sodas at my local health food store! I love the natural and unique combination of flavors! 

Of course “back-to-school” does mean shopping right?! 

  • I love to mix, match and pair casual clothes with fitness apparel!
  • My teaching wardrobe pretty much consists of fitness apparel! 


  • I love my three athletic dresses from NUU-MUU, the dresses pair well with capris from Lucy Activewear or Athleta! 

This is such a -last minute post- I was actually at a teaching workshop for writing this morning! The workshop had me up at sunrise, so I decided to fit in a quick run before packing lunch and gathering my writing assignments! 

Maybe I will become a morning runner! A few early morning miles actually happened this morning! 

Seen on my quick run this morning! This pinkish gray sky is Amazing!


Big news in the Running and Charity World- Zelle-Women’s Running Joins Charity Miles App 

  • I love using the Charity Miles App to Give Back to various organizations through running! 
  • You can join the Zelle Team on the App!

A quote from today’s Writing Workshop article- a fitting end to my day! Taking a moment to stop and reflect on blogging, motherhood, and teaching! The following piece of text really resonated with me.

“. . . recognize the incredible significance of everyday happenings.” – Janice Hartwick Dressel

Do you have a favorite quote?

Do you use the Miles for Charity App?

What will you miss most about summer? 

Runner Thoughts: A Q & A Interview with Myself

Reflective questioning leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves.  We critique and build from mistakes and experiences. 


1. Do I have to be fast, to be a runner? 

In my opinion, a runner is someone who puts in the workouts. A runner is someone who owns their own miles, whether it’s on the road, track or trails.  Being a runner isn’t about being faster than everyone else, run your pace.  Running is about knowing your goals, having a plan and executing your dreams. 

2. What if I never ran/raced in competition again?

Running doesn’t have to be defined by a series of races and medals.  For me, running is a lifestyle. Running is a way to maintain fitness and do something healthy for myself.  Miles run on the roads and trails are a release from the demands and stresses of daily life. 

3. Will I need surgery on my bunion?

I think about this bunion on my right foot often. A large bony knob on the side of my foot near my big toe.  The bunion doesn’t hurt, but I feel it effects my foot mechanics and stride. Every running related injury has been with my right leg. Hmm. . .

4. Is having surgery the key to my recurring issues with my right foot/leg?

Surgery is such a tough choice. I can’t be guaranteed a 100% successful surgery. I read about elite marathon Paula Radcliffe and her ordeal with a bunion. She felt it was at the root of her foot problems and running injuries. Read more about Paula Radcliffe’s surgery HERE

5. Am I still a runner if I never run another full marathon again?

The distance that one runs or races, shouldn’t define a runner. Every Mile Counts. I’ve run one marathon, but question whether my body can handle that level of training and mileage again. I enjoy distances all the way up to the half marathon. I’m able to maintain fitness and running mileage to run half marathons without over stressing my schedule as a mom, teacher and wife. 

6. Will I remember to appreciate the runner I am at that/this very moment?

Yes, the past can help to shape our present and future. However, it’s important not dwell on what was or what could be.  Runners need to embrace each phase of running as the age and change.  Setbacks with injuries happen and then running comes back. I also can’t look over my shoulder and wish for the runner I was at 16, 30 or even 35. Now, at 40, I have to appreciate and embrace the runner I am in this moment! 

7. How has age effected my running? Intensity, Quality?

I definitely have to put forth a more planned approach and methodical effort. My muscles need more prepping and tweaking now, before and after running. I don’t remember doing all this stretching, foam rolling and core work as a young teen, like I do now. 

8. What do I hope to teach my daughter about running?

Currently, my 14 year old daughter is participating in high school cross country conditioning.  She will be a freshman this year.  My daughter has been running with me since middle school.  I want  her to know that running strengthens the soul mentally and physically.  Running is a way to do something healthy for your body, for a very long time.  Running builds confidence through miles and track workouts. Even those tough runs will make her a stronger and healthier person from the inside and out!  I want my daughter to know that running opens doors to new friendships. Running can be a time for quiet clarity or sharing conversation with friends through the miles. 

My two loves, my Redhead and the Maine coast:)

Can you relate to any of these questions? What question(s) would you ask yourself? 

A New Decade {40th Birthday}:A Fresh Perspective on Life

     Life is funny sometimes, as young children we spend most of our lives wishing to grow up quickly.  Eager to leave the protective nest and explore the world.  Every year, celebrating a birthday and another milestone.  Every moment passing too quickly.  So many years of our lives spent trying to constantly “speed things up”! 

     Today, as I celebrate turning forty, I also sit and reflect.  Four decades of life lived, with all the crazy, curved roads, bumps and puddles to slosh through along the way.  Each decade in our lives is a reminder of new chapters beginning and finding new roads to travel. Every road isn’t perfect, but each bump and crack shapes us and makes us stronger. 

5 Key Perspectives for This Next Decade of Life: 

  1. Life Lessons: Remember to run through the grass barefoot, know that it’s still perfectly alright to play in the rain and that our lives are chapters; each new page waiting to be written- Only we can control what is written.
  2. Just “Be Me”: With age comes wisdom, Don’t try to squeeze yourself into some preconceived mold, embrace who you are and the moment you’re in right now.
  3. Health and Fitness Matter: It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy.  Focus on eating pure, whole foods and creating a strong, healthy body from the inside-out. 
  4. More “Me Time”: Life is busy- we take on many roles, but we must remember to be good to ourselves. Find what you love, grow your passion for what motivates and makes “you feel good.”  Running brings me confidence, clarity and time for reflection. 
  5. Reach for More: Take a risk on a new idea, be brave-believe in yourself, and dare to dream. Push the limits- you may just surprise yourself and exceed your own limitations! 

How do you celebrate each new year, decade?  Any words of wisdom or insight? 

April 29th, 2015 -Blessed to celebrate my 40th birthday with my Redhead!


Determination. . . Finish Lines and Endless Possibilities

     So often, teaching and running intersect.  I constantly find myself using running as an analogy for life lessons.  The grit and determination that I find through running mirrors the beliefs I want my students to find in themselves. 

     Recently, my 3rd grade students and I finished our reading unit on determination.

It all started with the last chapter of Stone Fox, The Finish Line. My students and I were discussing what the finish line really meant to the character, little Willy. This discussion got me thinking about how we could apply the ideas to our real lives.

What does the “Finish Line” mean to you?

Does each “Finish Line” hold a different meaning and purpose? One finish line is a segue to the next opportunity.  

     The finish line of a race, doesn’t necessarily mean the end.  It represents the months and weeks of training, that many times test our limits and will to persevere.  The same can be said of life.  Reaching for the finish line.  We build up to our goal and feel pride and accomplishment upon achieving that goal.  However, that taste of fulfillment, brings on another goal.  Once again, we put ourselves out there and take risks. Training begins again and the vision of another finish line is within reach.  

     As I cross the finish line, I feel empowered.  That empowerment comes from setting a goal, being fearless and making it happen.  I want my students to envision their finish line, take risks and be bold.  What does it mean to cross that finish line?  Those final steps, a struggle, a hard, fast effort; crossing that finish line brings a rush of adrenaline and pride.  It shows us that we can be more than what we imagined we could be.  Crossing that finish line is really about conquering life, overcoming obstacles, growth from within ourselves and being fearless. 

     The finish line is a celebration of goals reached and dreams becoming reality.  As a teacher, I want my students to reach their finish line, but then keep going and striving for more in life. The endless possibilities that await each of my students as they cross their finish line. 

I posed the question to my students and here are a few 3rd grade thoughts on – What does the “finish line” mean to you? 


  • “. . . It’s not about winning, just have fun and be yourself.”
  • ” More than winning something, it means I accomplished something new.”
  • “I am the best of the best and I am the champion.”
  • “A lot of chapters mixed all together.”
  • “To not give up, keep going.”
  • “A big thing really just paid off and it feels good in my heart.”
  • “It means achieving my goals no matter what comes my way.”
  • “Chapters and chapters, always waiting for a new beginning in your life.”

What does the finish line mean to you? 

Exciting Plans For 2015:Another Chapter To Write

Happy New Year Everyone! Excited for new opportunities and goals to be accomplished!  A huge “Thank You” to the awesome blogger/runners, Eat Pray Run DC,  Mar On the Runand You Signed Up for Whatfor hosting this Friday Five Link Up!


A New Year for New Goals and Opportunities!

Each year is like a new chapter.  I love looking at life from the perspective of new chances and opportunities to write about. A chance to reflect on the past, but also look ahead and forge new plans.  As I have said many times before, our lives are “open books”, just waiting for new chapters to be written.  Dust off those pens, pick up those planners, calendars and journals.  A new chapter is waiting to fill the pages of our most exciting plans and goals for the new year!

Five Big Goals for This New Chapter

  • Running goals for this year include: A course PR for the ZoomaRun Annapolis Half Marathon in May.  This course has some tough uphill climbs through historic Annapolis, Maryland. Dedicating more time to weight and strength training for injury prevention and overall improved fitness. Yoga classes for Hips and Core Balance will also be part of my weekly fitness routine.
  • Over the last two years, I’ve had the joy of watching my own daughter blossom in to a strong runner.  Lately, my Redhead has been logging more miles than me! My daughter and I have run several 5k races together and we enjoy running miles through our neighborhood together.  I want to continue running with my daughter because I feel it is a healthy way for us to stay connected and strengthen communication during her teen years.
  • Organize and coach my elementary Green Team for a late spring 5k.  The 5k will raise money for a local charity that aims to improve the environment.  I’m excited for this venture because it allows me to share my love of running with the students I teach and Give Back to the local community.  This opportunity is perfect timing in conjunction with my upcoming RRCA Coaching Certification class in April.

Two Professional Goals:

  • Writing is something I enjoy and I would love the opportunity to build a career in Freelance Writing.  This year I’m going to seek out more opportunities for writing to a larger audience.  I’ll be taking local or online classes in Freelance Writing to build my skills as a writer.
  • Natural and Organic nutrition has always been one of my greatest passions.  I value whole, unprocessed cooking and eating.  I’m currently in my 17th year of teaching elementary school, however, I’d like to pursue classes towards becoming a Nutrition Coach.

As this new chapter unfolds, I’ll be journaling and keeping track of life with this beautiful and inspiring journal!



      It’s a new year! What will You write in your next chapter?  How do you keep track of your goals?