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Running and Life: New Year, New Chapter


This year I choose to . . . 

  • Reflect– If we are willing to stop, analyze and reflect on where we have been, then we can use those moments to gain perspective and move forward.  Reflect on what went right, but also be open to opportunities to adjust or change things that didn’t work.  Our ability to reflect allows for an innate awareness of ourselves that will lead to personal growth in running and life. Each day, week, and month, setting aside time to reflect and learn from ourselves.

“A journey, I reflected, is of no merit unless it has tested you.”
Tahir Shah, In Search of King Solomon’s Mines

  • Celebrate–  Be good to yourself.  Stop and celebrate the small achievements, instead of waiting for what you think might be the biggest achievement.  Celebrate the tiny steps that we take each day to change and improve in running and life.  These moments are far too often overlooked because they mean seem small or insignificant.  It’s refreshing to celebrate each step in the direction we take to train hard, race strong, and live life well.  Encourage and celebrate the achievements and success of others.  There is unmistakable power and strength when we celebrate not only ourselves, but others around us.


  • Aspire- Each new year is another chapter in this book of life.  The pages are blank, waiting to be filled with new hopes, dreams and adventures.  We have this great big opportunity to set new goals, goals that will make us stronger, more capable and confident.  Our goals don’t have to be huge, lofty out of reach goals, just focus on the series of steps that will bring us closer to empowerment and success in running and life.  Our goals should give us pride and accomplishment upon achieving that goal.

Discover a purpose that gives you passion. Develop a plan that makes you persistent. Design a preparation and motivates you to optimize your potentials. Do it because you love it!”
Israelmore Ayivor, Dream Big!: See Your Bigger Picture!

  • Endure- Strength is born from enduring the tough moments. Being persistent is following our heart, our dreams and goals.  From endurance comes fortitude and resilience.  As we endure the hard training, early or late evening runs and all those tough moments in between of “fitting it all in” , we are rewarded with that feeling of accomplishment that is so freeing and empowering.  Endure the hard days, those times when we must find the strength to push ourselves when faced with challenges that test our will.  Believe in yourself and your ability to find strengths hidden deep within the uncomfortable moments of our lives.

“Craving for the top of the mountain is a feeling to yearn for, an endurance we learn from.”
Goitsemang Mvula

Happy New Year!  What will be next for you in  this new chapter!

I’m excited to continue to connecting and sharing in this journey of running and life!- MaineGirl2Runs 

8 Stylish, Unique Gifts: Mother’s Day-Runners!

So, for this Mother’s Day, I’ve rounded up some stylish, unique and functional gifts for moms and runners.  These gifts are hand picked from some amazing, thoughtful and evironmentally friendly companies. These gifts allow the ‘giver’ to think inside the box, as well as, outside the box! Enjoy the photos, information behind each gift and a peek inside my own ‘Wishlist’!


Photo from website https://seabags.com


This Tote! Made in Portland, Maine- from recycled sails! Perfect for stashing anything from beach gear to running wear! Learn more about this company and order Here There are many patterns to choose!


photo taken from http://www.runfarshop.com


All the way from Sarah at Run Far Girl in New Hampshire. Pamper the Mother Runner with a long sleeve hoodie or vintage style t-shirt! Even better- 10% of proceeds support this Children’s Hospital- CHaD Order your gift Here and Give a Gift while Making a Difference!



Every Mother Runner loves Jewelry! Let the runner in your life celebrate and shine with beautiful, running inspired Sterling Silver Jewelry! Order Here I love the beauty and durability of this gorgeous jewelry!



Six Beautiful Race Locations -Treat the Mother Runner to a girls’ running weekend at one of these six locations! Purchase a race entry, which includes free training plans from Training Peaks and Another Mother Runner a Gorgeous race location- post race lunch, yoga, massage, wine and music! Beautiful Finishers Medal for the half marathon!  Receive 10% off Zooma Annapolis with Code KARA15. Register Here


photo taken from http://www.nuu-muu.com


Style and Function with these Dresses! I love the colorful patterns and athletic fabric of these dresses! These dresses are made in the USA and perfect for running, walking, hiking and cycling! I love wearing these to teach in during the day and then run in at night! Bonus- Matching mommy/daughter option with Mini-Muu kids! Order Here



A perfect gift for the Healthy Mother Runner! Natural and wholesome food paired with a beautiful scarf and lovely pink nail polish! Show the woman in your life that women’s lives matter! This gift will Make a Difference for Breast Cancer Research! Order  Here and learn more about this health conscious company!



Coffee!! This company gathers unique, handmade gifts from all over the USA and World! I first stumbled upon this company when ordering some fun Arts and Crafts kits for my daughter!  I’ve always wanted a Pour-Over Coffee system! I love that this gift is completely made in the USA! Visit Here for more information and to order!


photo taken from http://www.garmin.com


Okay! Splurge! Give the Mother Runner this running watch with all the Bells and Whistles!! This is the Forerunner 620! So many amazing features with this watch! I would love to upgrade from my current Garmin 220 to this watch! Read about all the features of this watch made to assist and help any runner train HERE!

Any gifts catch your eye?! What are your Mother’s Day plans?