Quick Update on Blood Work Results

So. . . I’m currently analyzing and reviewing my blood work results from InsideTracker!  So much valuable information about my health that will aid in stronger #running performance and overall health!
I love the InsideTracker website for analyzing my results, creating a nutrition and training plan and setting goals! Here is a quick glance of my 9 biomarkers out of 28 that are At Risk or Need Work! 

InsideTracker Dashboard

InsideTracker Website Dashboard

As this point in my summer training and racing phase, I’ll be making some nutritional changes based on dietary recommendations and reworking my weekly training workouts! InsideTracker provides a breakdown of nutritional and training recommendations based on biomarkers! My goal areas are for improving endurance, strength and recovery/injury prevention. 

This is just a snapshot of what I’m analyzing and focusing on right now. I want to take some time to also review and discuss these results with my family doctor. I feel so much more equipped to take on a more active role in discussing my health concerns and goals with my doctor, now that I have this information.

I will continue to update and share my nutrition, training and racing as I make changes! 

Do you get blood work done? After initial results, how often do you get follow up blood tests? 

3 thoughts on “Quick Update on Blood Work Results

  1. vitatrain4life

    I did the same with Inside Tracker and I have to say that I really loved the simple feedback and solutions that can actually be implemented into your everyday diet! I’ve made a few changes to my eating and I’m going to get follow-up work done in about 6-8 weeks 🙂

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    1. mainegirl2runs Post author

      I keep going back to the dashboard and looking at my “most at risk” biomarkers. The results have really had me tweaking and adding a few things in regards to training and nutrition. Excited to get retested in a few months!


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