Zooma Annapolis Race Weekend Recap

Well, I am a week late with this Zoom Run Annapolis Race recap, but it was another amazing and fun filled race weekend!  This was my sixth time running a Zooma Women’s Race and my fifth time running in Annapolis.  Some might wonder, why come back and run the same course over and over again, but for me, it’s more than just a race.  Zooma Run races have built friendships for me.  I love gathering with women for the weekend to chat and share our running and non running lives.

Friday Afternoon-Arrived at the Loews Annapolis Host Hotel

I stay at this hotel for every Zooma Annapolis race.  The hotel is about .8 miles from the start line area of the race.  It’s an easy walk jog to the start line in the morning!  The hotel rooms are spacious and very comfortable with many amenities!  Zooma Run and the hotel work together to provide room and parking discounts for runners!  So worth staying over at the hotel the night before the race!

The Hotel Lobby Meet-Up:

I parked my truck in the guest-self parking area and walked into the lobby of the hotel. This is where the fun began!  This weekend was all about connecting with other running bloggers that I follow on social media.  I was excited to meet Sandra from Organic Runnner Mom who is from New Hampshire!  She was hanging out in the lobby with Sue- This Mama Runs for Cupcakes, Cynthia-YouSignedUpFor What, Courtney-EatPrayRunDC, and Erika-MCM MAMA Runs.  We all chatted a bit ( okay, a ton of chatting) in the lobby before walking into the expo located inside the Lowes Hotel.

Expo and Bib Pick-Up:

The lines for bib and packet pick-up at this Zooma Race are always organized, easy and fast!  I grabbed my stuff and then mingled with other women as I perused the various vendors.  The Zooma Race Expo has never had a ton of vendors, but there have been some quality companies with great products!  I did purchase a cute Skirt Sports Skirt!  The Race Swag Bag included a soft, tri-blend tee shirt this year for the Zooma Annapolis race!  A very comfy shirt to wear with jeans! I also loved the small key chain and samples of Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix that included a coupon code!


Attending Panel Discussion on “Increasing Diversity in Women’s Running:

This year, Zooma race founder, Brae Blackley, moderated a panel discussion that focused on the topic of diversity in women’s running.  The guest panel speakers included -Adina Forbes Crawford from Black Girls Run, Kristen Kelaher Komlosy from Girls on the Run DC and Monica Wallace from Muslims on the Run.

The panel discussion was open to anyone that wanted to attend this free event.  Zooma Women’s Race series has always strived to empower, encourage and motivate women of all races to be fit and healthy.  This panel discussion was a result of some powerful and very thought provoking statistics on diversity or lack of diversity in women’s running when it comes to running in and finishing races.  The stats can be found HERE

HighLights from Panel Discussion:

  • Barriers exist due to socio-economic conditions
  • Lack of safe neighborhoods in which to run
  • A feeling of (or lack of) acceptance in running social groups and circles
  • The need to continue outreach programs like Black Girls on the Run and Girls on the Run 
  • An overall awareness of the lack diversity among women runners, including those that represent the Latino women runners

A very deep and moving panel discussion that left me with some answers and more questions, but more importantly to continue motivating and inspiring all women to be fit and healthy-no matter the race, religion or age.

Friday Night Dinner and Chatting with Friends:

This was an amazing night at dinner at the Loews Annapolis hotel with amazing women runners/bloggers!  I was excited to catch up with Lisa-Lisa Runs for Cupcakes who has become a great friend in the last three years!  My other wonderful friend, Colleen-LiveFreeandRun had finally arrived after a traffic -filled drive from the DC area!

Good Food, Wine, and Amazing Women!

I was among the several runners that would be running the 10k in the morning, so I wasn’t  too worried about enjoying a little extra wine and lingering at the dinner table till about 9:45pm!  It was so much fun to chat and get to know everyone a bit better!  I had a blast-laughing, chatting and just sharing stories!

Flat Runner Ready and Lights Out! 

Colleen and I headed upstairs to the hotel room and got ready for the 10k race in the morning!  We each laid out our runner gear and chatted just a bit longer before drifting off to sleep.


10k Race-No Pics 

This was one of the very few times that I did’t run with my phone!  So there are no course pics!  Colleen, Lisa and I walked/jogged to the start area around 6:30am that morning.  It only took us about 12-15 minutes.  The air was already moist and muggy-typical of Zooma Annapolis late May/Early June races.  We were all running the 10k that morning.  We hung out and took some pics in the start area before making out way over to the self-seeding corrals.  The National Anthem was sang and then I made my way quickly through the crowd of runners to the 8:00 minute to 8:20 minute mile pace area.


10k Course Photo Credit Zooma Run

Miles 1-2- I may have gone out a bit too fast, but I was feeling good!  Then after mile 3, the humid moist air set in and I was sweating.  I walked through several water stops and slowed my pace quite a bit.  I was a bit bummed because I really wanted to PR this course.  The heat and humidity always get me-no matter whether I am running the 10k or half marathon!

  1. mile 1-7:54
  2. mile 2 7:51
  3. mile 3 8:21
  4. mile 4 8:54
  5. mile 5 9:14
  6. mile 6 8:45
  7. mile 0.27 7:36

Finished 00:53:06  {Overall 29th of 694} {23rd out of 663 females} {5th out of 95 women in age group 40-44}

After the race it was time for a massage, some more pics and grabbing some Zooma Post Race Snacks.  I was disappointed that there was no hummus or chicken salad lunch boxes this year!  Me, Lisa and Colleen walked back to the hotel to have brunch!


Brunch Back at the Hotel – Yummy!  I was starving!!  Me, Lisa, Courtney and a few other runners had the “all you can eat” breakfast buffet at the hotel!  I thought it was delicious and went back for 3rds!!



Zooma Women’s Race Series chooses great locations such as Annapolis and Cape Cod (coming up September 24th) I love the friendships and connections I have made through running with Zooma!  It was great running weekend with friends!


Have you run a Zooma Race?  What is your favorite Race Cation??  

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