MotherRunnerTeacher:Life Lately

Life Lately:

Not even sure where to begin with this post.  The last several months my blogging has been at a standstill.  However, the rest of my life has continued moving at a very hectic pace.  The pace has been a struggle at times, some days I have tons of energy to tackle everything and other days, well . . . not so much.

I think this word should be added to the dictionary-motherrunnerteacher or more appropriately –MotherTeacherRunner.  Yup, those three words are the total sum of my parts right now.  The first two parts are where the priorities have shifted.  However, the part that says, “runner” is the piece that holds the other two parts together.  Running is something I do for myself and no one else.

Motherhood Lately:

  • Late night feedings and diaper changes ended over 12 years ago-my Redhead is now going on 15 years old in May.
  • Now it’s late night homework and dinner after track practice
  • Hours of sitting by my daughter’s side as she tackles mounds of 9th grade homework
  • Late night, middle of the school week, track meets
  • Pick -Up and Drop Off for school functions and sports related events
  • **Making three different dinner meals on a Sunday afternoon, for the whole week, has been a time saver!

My Redhead is taller than me now. 

Most importantly, I have been present, “checking-in” and staying involved.  Being involved, even when a 14 year old daughter does not want you to be involved.  I truly thought that as my Redhead got older, it would be easier, yet I have come to realize that these teen years are instrumental and I need to be here for her and be present.

Teaching this Year:

  • For the last 17 years I have taught the intermediate elementary grades
  • 17 years of focusing more on the written language and comprehension of intermediate readers and writers
  • Witnessing the many changes and shifts of education, but embracing the daily opportunities to make a difference for students


This past fall, I changed grade levels.  This has been my first year in 1st grade.  The change has been enormous and the task daunting at times.  I walked into this year knowing that I had a big opportunity to really make a difference for students.  First grade is a huge year for kids emotionally and academically.  A solid foundation of phonics must be built so that these kids have the building blocks to become readers.  I knew I had to put in more time at work in order to be a successful teacher-7:00am to 4:10pm work days have been the norm.

  • Phonics in first grade requires a ton of prep work
  • Cut, Glue, and Paste-take FOREVER
  • So many Germs!
  • and all the HUGS!
  • EVERY TEACHER should spend at least one year in First Grade


and Running Lately:

  • Weekly mileage is between 25 to 30 miles a week
  • Through the winter months it became tough to always find the motivation to run in the dark after work
  • Loving the later sunsets now, so I can get in more miles after “teaching and mom duties” all day
  • Looking ahead to my spring and summer races
  • Staying on top of foam rolling, muscle massage, stretching and overall recovery
  • Happy that six miles is usually just my “short run”  four days a week, then a double digit run on a Saturday or Sunday

Running is the thread the ties everything together for me.  Some late afternoons or nights, those runs are what quiet my inner struggles and help settle my mind.  Running is at times- a social outlet, a mental release and energy builder all wrapped up together.  Running those miles, in some ways, holds me together. Can anyone else relate?


Life happens and adjustments are made.  Just keep going with the flow.  How has life been for you lately?


3 thoughts on “MotherRunnerTeacher:Life Lately

  1. TeamFitMommy

    You just described my life in one post! Mother-Teacher-Runner… except my running has come to a complete standstill since I returned to work as a teacher this year. Thanks for sharing! It makes me realize I’m not the only one.



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