Running Those Dark, Quiet Miles

 Those dark, quiet miles. Morning or night, we’ve all run those miles at some point. Whether the sun has set or hasn’t yet risen. The lights on our reflective vest flashing, the blaring light of the headlamp wrapped securely around our heads and learning to adjust our sight to the darkness. We’ve all run those dark, quiet miles. Those are the miles that bring us more attune with ourselves, no music, just our quiet breaths amidst the sounds of early morning or late evening. { It’s much harder to see the paces on my Garmin watch at night and I don’t try to fiddle with the watch light.} Instead, I just focus on effort and mileage. Those quiet, dark miles that push us to focus on each step, lest we stumble in the darkness, our eyes keen to approaching car lights. 


    Wrapped in the darkness, questioning our insane desire to run well past sunset or way too early in the morning. It’s those dark, quiet miles that let us focus and reflect on our purpose for running. An appreciation for the rising sunlight or silvery light of the moon. Every dark mile leads to a goal we have set for ourselves. Lack of sunlight does not fade our desire and commitment to run the miles needed to accomplish big things. At the end of those dark, quiet miles is our light, the light of goals achieved. 

My favorite reflective running gear- Petzl Headlamp and Xinglet Flash Led Vest

Are you a morning or night runner? What’s your favorite reflective gear? 

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