Women’s Health: Surviving My First Mammogram 

  On Wednesday, I sat in the medical building waiting room, with a pink cloth robe open in the front, I felt vulnerable and scared. I nervously experienced the uncomfortable, yet necessary mammogram. I’d put off the mammogram, even though I’d turned 40 this past April.   During the last month, I noticed some lumps that seemed different.  Since I was a teenager I’ve had fibrocystic breasts, lumpy, fluid filled cysts that come and go.  I was a bit nervous, but knew that I could no longer put off getting things checked.   Following the standard mammogram, I also had 3D and ultrasound imaging. My results were discussed with me during and after the ultrasound. Grateful to report that I have no evidence of cancer, just harmless, fluid filled cysts.

        My grateful and thankful feeling of relief wasn’t just for me, but for my own mother and daughter. Thankful that my own mother won’t have to worry for me, also thankful that I’m healthy for my daughter. 
     Grateful for the advancements in technology, the doctors, nurses and medical staff that exist to diagnose and treat cancer patients. Forever thankful for being blessed with a healthy future. Even though I do not need care and treatment at a Medical Treatment Cancer Centerthere are so many women that do. 
     As I toe the line of RACES in the future that support care and treatment of cancer patients and their families, I will remember that vulnerable feeling of sitting in a “front tied” pink robe. Through running I can make a difference by supporting cancer research and finding a cure for all cancers. I’m so grateful to be able to run healthy. Miles will be run for those that can’t-near and far.  

     Lastly, I will make a commitment to myself. This experience was a ‘wake-up call’!  Keep doctor’s appointments, continue to eat a natural and organic diet and make time for “me”. Running isn’t just about races, it makes me feel good inside and out. For me, running is the thread woven into a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

What is your healthy commitment to yourself?  Do you find it hard to make time for your own health and fitness? 

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