Thinking Out Loud: Motherhood, Running and Teaching

Where to begin. . . Well, I’m linking up with Amanda, Running with Spoons, this Thursday.  I feel like I’ve taken an unplanned hiatus from blogging.  After a summer filled with tons of running, blogging and all things social media, I seem to have lost steam in my engine!!

Summer break breezed by and before I knew it- back to school routines and teaching took over my life.  Another year full of obstacles  opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Basically, my life breaks down into these three categories right now- in this moment.

I’m just trying to find my groove, get it all done and stay sane! 

  • Motherhood

My redhead is fourteen.  She’s my only child. The teen years are a whole new phase of life. Some days I feel like I’m losing that connection with her- trying to be there, but actually just getting in the way.  I miss those days of her being little and by my side every moment. I took her everywhere with me and we did so much together. Now, some days I feel like I’m just good for pick up and drop off, help with homework, lunch packed and dinner on the table. 

It’s a new phase and I need to embrace it.  There are days when I watch my redhead from afar, proud of the talented and athletic young lady she is becoming. Yet, my heart squeezes tightly as I remember my little girl. Such a busy time in her life.  I just want her to know that I’m here and present. I feel the need to be so much more involved and connected now- to help guide and encourage her through high school.  However, being involved requires a delicate balance during these teen years- she want independence, yet she does still need me. 


Love these words- as a mom, runner and teacher- so much symbolism embedded in this quote!


  • Running- 

Yup! A pretty solid month of August mileage, well right up to the last week! I was managing 6 mile runs, 3-4 days a week and a double digit long run on the weekends! In fact, last Thursday I did a ten mile evening run! Then, that weekend ran a 10k local race, while my redhead ran the 5k with her cross country team.  I finished August with 85 miles for the month. A higher mileage month for me. 

Some big fall races coming up- the Navy half in DC, Ragnar Relay DC, and the Annapolis Classic half.  I’ve been getting in the mileage, but I’m disappointed in my lack of speed lately with the double digit long runs.  

As I type this post- I’m laying in my bed. Haven’t logged any miles yet, in September due to a nagging, exhausting, energy stealing cold! First Grade Germs Stink

I’ve had to recharge, refuel and hydrate all week! Hoping for some Labor Day weekend miles to kick start September! 

  • Teaching

This is my 18th year of teaching.  My first year of teaching first grade. My teaching career had consisted of 3rd, 4th or 5th grade! Wow- “A whole new world”-insert song- in 1st grade! I’m learning how to manage and teach little people! 

9 days into the school year-

  • 1st graders are chatty
  • These little students love to hug you!
  • Handwriting and letter sounds fill my brain
  • I have a deep appreciation for my colleagues that have been teaching in the primary grades all these years! 
  • Did I mention First Grade Germs attack in the first 9 days of school?! 

Recharging this week with Amazing recipes full of whole food goodness-from these magazines! Love fall root vegetables, squash and late summer tomatoes! 


And life keeps moving- 

  • The routines of motherhood, running and teaching will become comfortable again
  • This week wasn’t a loss-it was an opportunity to refocus and recharge
  • Cool fall weather will arrive
  • My Redhead will always need me-even when she thinks she doesn’t;) 
  • I’ll get back on the BLOGGING TRAIN


Check out the other link ups over at Amanda’s


Happy Labor Day weekend! 

Yeah! Received this Ice Cream Ball in the mail today! Excited to test it out with Califia Farms Almond Milk this weekend! 


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