Five Things About Being a Runner

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Happy Friday! Today I’m linking up with the DC Trifecta Ladies! Mar from Mar on the Run, Cynthia from You Signed Up for What, and Courtney from Eat Pray and Run DC for five running tips! 

Twenty something years ago, I was a young and carefree high school runner.  I ran without a watch or phone.  Cotton sweatshirts and mix-matched jogging pants were the staple pieces in my running wardrobe! I can’t even remember the brand or model shoe I wore during high school cross country or track!

Fast forward-Today! There are a few things I know now about being a runner. 

  1. Running Specialty Stores- These stores are helpful for runners wanting to get fitted for a certain brand and model of running shoe.  The staff at these running specialty stores are runners themselves and knowledgeable about various brands and models of running shoes. A running specialty store is helpful when choosing and getting fitted for the running shoe that works for you! 
  2. What to Wear: Running Apparel: So many options now when it comes to choosing fitness apparel that will keep you comfortable while running! I like to purchase a few key pieces of clothing each year, that will keep me running through each season! Running and fitness apparel is made with a moisture wicking material that helps keep sweat away from your skin!
  • A few pairs of running shorts
  • Tanks and short sleeve tops for warmer weather
  • A few long sleeve tops for fall and winter running
  • A good fitting running bra
  • Socks!! Socks that fit well and prevent blisters from forming

3.  Logging the Miles- Keep mileage low and your pace easy if you are just starting out as a runner. The general rule is to increase your total weekly mileage by 10%. Be comfortable with your pace so your able to run at a conversation pace. Listen to your body and don’t push through any uncomfortable tenderness or tightness. Don’t do too much at once. Add in new stresses every few weeks. Focus on building a good foundation of easy mileage before jumping into speed workouts! 

4.  Find a Running Group! A local running group can be a huge support system for a runner! I found my local running group to be very encouraging during training seasons. Running with a group once or twice a week gives a runner motivation and support! I also like running with a group when I’m trying out new routes or running trails. Running with a group in unfamilar territory increases a runner’s safety! 

5. Nourish and Fuel: As a teenager, my cross country and high school track workouts were fueled by pizza, Ben & Jerry’s and TJ Cinnamon Buns! Now, I focus on fueling my body with the right balance of carbs, healthy fats, tons of veggies and protein. 

  • Hydrate daily-keeps muscles happy! 
  • Eat well balanced meals and snacks-energy!
  • Focus on fueling your body as you log the miles, give your body what it needs to perform. 


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Enjoy the running journey and believe in yourself! 

What tips or advice have you learned about running over the years? 

2 thoughts on “Five Things About Being a Runner

  1. Shawna

    thanks for swinging by my blog! i’m such a fan of runner stores and can’t even walk by one without having to go into it. i love the Running Company in Columbus Cirlce in NYC…i was in that mall recently with friend and he went to use the bathroom, and i couldn’t help but wander over into the store…and he found me a little bit later and was like, “when i saw you were gone, i knew immediately where you went.” haha they are definitely beacons for us runners. so much fun stuff!!



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