Thinking Out Loud: Back to School Week! 

Wow! Where has summer break gone?! So much going through my mind right now and so much to do! This is the perfect day to just let my thoughts flow! I am linking up with Amanda from Running With Spoons!  

Next Wednesday, I head back to “teacher duties” and so this week has been all about mentally and physically preparing the house-organizing the office, kitchen and my closet! I’m a bit nervous because after 17 years of teaching 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, I’ll be teaching 1st grade! 



What I will Miss About Summer:

  1. Not having a set schedule! Staying up late, watching random movies and old favorites- AGAIN and AGAIN! I love the book and movie-Fried Green Tomatoes! 
  2. Being able to run and workout whenever I want
  3. Trips to Maine!
  4. Being able to hydrate and use the bathroom Whenever I Want:)

Coffee on the front steps after morning runs! Being able to linger a bit longer after mid morning, weekday runs! 

  • Still deciding if I’ll be running in the evenings, after school, or becoming a . . . MORNING RUNNER! I’m still working on that “morning runner” motivation thing! Two runners, that are really motivating morning runners are, Colleen-Live Free and Run and Sarah-Run Far Girl

As I return to teaching next week, I’ll be stocking up on these refreshing natural sodas!


  • I found these natural sodas at my local health food store! I love the natural and unique combination of flavors! 

Of course “back-to-school” does mean shopping right?! 

  • I love to mix, match and pair casual clothes with fitness apparel!
  • My teaching wardrobe pretty much consists of fitness apparel! 


  • I love my three athletic dresses from NUU-MUU, the dresses pair well with capris from Lucy Activewear or Athleta! 

This is such a -last minute post- I was actually at a teaching workshop for writing this morning! The workshop had me up at sunrise, so I decided to fit in a quick run before packing lunch and gathering my writing assignments! 

Maybe I will become a morning runner! A few early morning miles actually happened this morning! 

Seen on my quick run this morning! This pinkish gray sky is Amazing!


Big news in the Running and Charity World- Zelle-Women’s Running Joins Charity Miles App 

  • I love using the Charity Miles App to Give Back to various organizations through running! 
  • You can join the Zelle Team on the App!

A quote from today’s Writing Workshop article- a fitting end to my day! Taking a moment to stop and reflect on blogging, motherhood, and teaching! The following piece of text really resonated with me.

“. . . recognize the incredible significance of everyday happenings.” – Janice Hartwick Dressel

Do you have a favorite quote?

Do you use the Miles for Charity App?

What will you miss most about summer? 

One thought on “Thinking Out Loud: Back to School Week! 

  1. Jackie@RunwithJackabee

    I have never heard of the Miles for Charity App before! I will have to check it out! And I’ve been having the ever long “morning runner” debate with myself for months. I think I’d be more likely to run if I actually got my sorry butt up early haha



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