Recipe Ideas: Healthy and Nutritious! 

Healthy, Active and Fit at 40! 

As I entered my late thirties and now forties, being active and continuing to run is a lifestyle for me.  In order to maintain this lifestyle, I must take steps to get the proper nutrition. 

Being a mom, runner and teacher means that I must make healthy food choices! It’s important to choose food that will nourish and fuel my body for life’s daily demands! 


Food Choices Should Be Focused and Purposeful to Fuel Your Body


A Well Stocked Kitchen and Pantry Will Fuel Your Body:

Plant-Based Proteins:

  • Edamame -A Complete Protein- nutrition information found HERE
  • Green Peas-A Wealth of Heath Benefits- nutrition information found HERE
  • Black Beans- A Hearty and Filling Bean- nutrition information found HERE

Other Staples in the Kitchen and Pantry:

  • Organic Quinoa
  • Various Organic and Whole Grain Rice from my Favorite Brand Found HERE
  • Raw Almond Butter
  • Whole oats Granola
  • Avocados-healthy fats
  • Seasonal fruit

Stock up on essential, nutrient-rich proteins and carbs to build daily meals! TIP-Cooked rice, beans and quinoa freeze really well in freezer bags! 


Granola with fresh strawberries and almond milk



Graham crackers smeared with raw almond butter and fresh sliced strawberries

Lunch or Dinner:  

Quinoa with cooked cubed sweet potato, steamed green peas and cooked black beans -drizzled with olive oil and sea salt


 Lunch or Dinner;

mashed avocado on toasted roll with roasted tomatoes and sea salt

Lunch or Dinner:

Previously cooked quinoa and black beans, sauteed with padron peppers-Think Fried Rice!


These are just a few ideas and variation of what I eat based on my kitchen and pantry staples! 

Do you have favorite kitchen and pantry staples? A favorite dish or recipe idea? 

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