Summer Races: A Tune Up Race and Goal Race

 My two favorite summer races happen to both be in Maine!  The racing distance for both races is 6.2 miles {10k} Each summer I become more familiar with both race courses.  Running the same distances on familiar courses can have huge advantages!  My mind and body become well adjusted to the climate and terrain of each race.  I feel confident in my ability to strategize and run strong paces on each course. 

July 4th, 2015-Llbean 10k


Elevation Map:


Details Above from MapMyRun 

Beach2Beacon 10k-August 1, 2015 GOAL RACE!! Excited!  

Elevation Map:


Details from Course Preview And Video Course Preview 

The last 2.26 miles of the Beach2Beacon 10k from last year, on my RunKeeper App!


Strategies and Goals:

Since recovering and managing my achilles issue, I have had three solid months of weekly mileage. The end of May I ran a hilly, hot, and humid half marathon. With each run, I’ve been pushing the hills and speed a bit more. 

Both of these 10ks are a bit hilly, Beach2Beacon is the hillier of the two courses.  The races are about 5 weeks apart. I want to maximize my training for Beach2Beacon and finally have the opportunity to PR on the course! 

July 4th, 2015 10k {4 weeks from Goal Race}

My strategy and goal for the Llbean 10k is to start out smooth and steady {Easy pace}, but then push my paces up the hills {Moderate Pace} and then in the last 1.5 to 2 miles – push at a hard, but controlled effort! Race Simulation WorkOut 

4 Weeks to Beach2Beacon: Weekly Training

  • Weekly miles- 1x Long Run at CP pace, 1x short Easy Run 
  • Strength training 2x a week
  • Speed-tempos, intervals, or hills 1x a week

{5 Active Running Days, 2 Days off/Rest Each Week}

Who else is currently training for a summer goal race? 

How do you train for the 10k distance? 

3 thoughts on “Summer Races: A Tune Up Race and Goal Race

  1. M @readeatwriterun

    Thanks for posting B2B info! Hadn’t realized it was hilly. It’ll be my first time there. Wanted to do it b/c of Joanie, huge fan. (will be my 1st time in Maine also) Want to beat 10k PR (s/b able to do, it’s really stale) & use to kick off my marathon-specific training for goal race in Oct. I had been looking at Pfitzinger’s Faster Road Racing book and thought about training specifically for the 10k but then I asked Greg McMillan (whose book I use to train for my marathons) about training for the 10k using Pfitz or McMillan’s own plan and since a big marathon PR in October is my goal, he suggested I just focus on the marathon training.

    I ran 2 marathons & 50k Oct/Nov/Dec last year, under-recovered, then had a rough spring (my dad died in Feb) and slower at my first Boston than I’d wanted – but it was still amazing, looking forward to 2016. I took some time to recover and have been coming back slowly, doing exercises to improve my gait/weaknesses that have affected my running some, caused tweaky problems. I’m doing 4wk base module, 4wk base workout module (about to complete), 4 wk hill module, then 12 wk marathon-specific training starts the week of B2B. I’m doing one LR, one longer speed session (steady state), 1 shorter (leg speed/intervals) and 2 easy or recovery runs, plus core work 2x/wk, strength for lower body 5x/wk, some flexibility work and a little XT on my bike. My hubs & have to move houses 10 days before B2B so that’ll add to the factors in how I do.

    I’m looking forward to the experience and a little vaca in Maine while trying to do the best I can. Such a great race, have heard about it for so long. Any tips you have would be much appreciated!

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    1. mainegirl2runs Post author

      Wow! Really informative with how you have segmented your training cycles. This will be my 4th time running B2B! The last 2 miles are a steady, hilly incline. I usually start out strong, but steady. Then, save some strength and mental grit for the hilly incline into Fort William Park. The last two miles require quad/hip strength and steady/strong push to the finish! It is a picture perfect finish!



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