Ll Bean 10k -Fourth of July

Racing Maine on the Fourth of July

Race Recap from July 4th, 2013

     Spending the Fourth of July in Maine was pure bliss!  Soaking up the salty sea air amidst the sea faring towns of my home state made for a very memorable patriotic holiday.  Maine is my ” happy place”, it holds all my childhood memories.  I return now, as often as possible, as an adult to retrace my footsteps and create new ones to tuck away in my heart.  There is still time to register for the Fourth of July Road Race –HERE
     This particular Fourth of July I had the opportunity to celebrate this patriotic holiday in the center of one of Maine’s charming sea side towns. Freeport, Mainesits along the north eastern side of Casco bay.  I’ve always known it to be a town that takes pride in its quaint coastal village scene.  All the houses and businesses have held strong to the historical character and vintage facade.  The town draped in American flags hanging from store fronts spoke of the patriotism and history that surrounds the Fourth of July. 


Llbean 10k Course Map from Llbeanroadrace.com


     Several weeks ago a fellow blogger, Lisa ( Check out her blog HERE)mentioned the July 4th 10k race that was being held in Freeport, Maine.  The 10k race, which is hosted by Llbean, benefits the YMCA of Southern Maine.  I was excited to run this race to benefit youth and start my holiday with a 6.2 mile run through picturesque Freeport, Maine.  The race started and finished in downtown Freeport village among the numerous shops and the iconic Maine Llbean flagship store! 

     The Llbean 10k race had a bit of a downhill start on a side street.  I was a little nervous because I’ve never started on a downhill for any race.  Maine temperatures on an early July morning are usually pretty cool, but this happened to be the day that temperatures warmed quickly into the mid 70’s with humidity. A memorable part of this race was running the 10k with LisaRunsforCupcakes! She and I paced each other along the 6.2 mile course.  The course was gorgeous, but hilly as it wound its way through residential parts of Freeport.  Thankfully, the shaded areas, water stations and the friendly Maine community made the heat and hills roll by quickly.  Along the course there were residents of Freeport and volunteers, including Llbean employees, to keep runners hydrated and motivated to race to the finish! 

     The 6.2 mile course was definitely hilly and the humidity made miles 4 and 5 pretty tough.  However, the finish line waiting in front of the Llbean Flagship Storeon Main Street was so worth it!! 

     Running that last mile down Main Street with American flags hanging on store fronts and people cheering made for a very memorable July 4th in my home state! The race from start to finish was beautiful, well organized and fun!! 

     Following the race, is the annual Freeport Fourth of July Parade and Festivities

There is still time to register for this Iconic July 4th Road Race!! I will be returning to Maine again this July, to run this race on July 4th! 

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