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Summer Races: A Tune Up Race and Goal Race

 My two favorite summer races happen to both be in Maine!  The racing distance for both races is 6.2 miles {10k} Each summer I become more familiar with both race courses.  Running the same distances on familiar courses can have huge advantages!  My mind and body become well adjusted to the climate and terrain of each race.  I feel confident in my ability to strategize and run strong paces on each course. 

July 4th, 2015-Llbean 10k


Elevation Map:


Details Above from MapMyRun 

Beach2Beacon 10k-August 1, 2015 GOAL RACE!! Excited!  

Elevation Map:


Details from Course Preview And Video Course Preview 

The last 2.26 miles of the Beach2Beacon 10k from last year, on my RunKeeper App!


Strategies and Goals:

Since recovering and managing my achilles issue, I have had three solid months of weekly mileage. The end of May I ran a hilly, hot, and humid half marathon. With each run, I’ve been pushing the hills and speed a bit more. 

Both of these 10ks are a bit hilly, Beach2Beacon is the hillier of the two courses.  The races are about 5 weeks apart. I want to maximize my training for Beach2Beacon and finally have the opportunity to PR on the course! 

July 4th, 2015 10k {4 weeks from Goal Race}

My strategy and goal for the Llbean 10k is to start out smooth and steady {Easy pace}, but then push my paces up the hills {Moderate Pace} and then in the last 1.5 to 2 miles – push at a hard, but controlled effort! Race Simulation WorkOut 

4 Weeks to Beach2Beacon: Weekly Training

  • Weekly miles- 1x Long Run at CP pace, 1x short Easy Run 
  • Strength training 2x a week
  • Speed-tempos, intervals, or hills 1x a week

{5 Active Running Days, 2 Days off/Rest Each Week}

Who else is currently training for a summer goal race? 

How do you train for the 10k distance? 

Ll Bean 10k -Fourth of July

Racing Maine on the Fourth of July

Race Recap from July 4th, 2013

     Spending the Fourth of July in Maine was pure bliss!  Soaking up the salty sea air amidst the sea faring towns of my home state made for a very memorable patriotic holiday.  Maine is my ” happy place”, it holds all my childhood memories.  I return now, as often as possible, as an adult to retrace my footsteps and create new ones to tuck away in my heart.  There is still time to register for the Fourth of July Road Race –HERE
     This particular Fourth of July I had the opportunity to celebrate this patriotic holiday in the center of one of Maine’s charming sea side towns. Freeport, Mainesits along the north eastern side of Casco bay.  I’ve always known it to be a town that takes pride in its quaint coastal village scene.  All the houses and businesses have held strong to the historical character and vintage facade.  The town draped in American flags hanging from store fronts spoke of the patriotism and history that surrounds the Fourth of July. 


Llbean 10k Course Map from


     Several weeks ago a fellow blogger, Lisa ( Check out her blog HERE)mentioned the July 4th 10k race that was being held in Freeport, Maine.  The 10k race, which is hosted by Llbean, benefits the YMCA of Southern Maine.  I was excited to run this race to benefit youth and start my holiday with a 6.2 mile run through picturesque Freeport, Maine.  The race started and finished in downtown Freeport village among the numerous shops and the iconic Maine Llbean flagship store! 

     The Llbean 10k race had a bit of a downhill start on a side street.  I was a little nervous because I’ve never started on a downhill for any race.  Maine temperatures on an early July morning are usually pretty cool, but this happened to be the day that temperatures warmed quickly into the mid 70’s with humidity. A memorable part of this race was running the 10k with LisaRunsforCupcakes! She and I paced each other along the 6.2 mile course.  The course was gorgeous, but hilly as it wound its way through residential parts of Freeport.  Thankfully, the shaded areas, water stations and the friendly Maine community made the heat and hills roll by quickly.  Along the course there were residents of Freeport and volunteers, including Llbean employees, to keep runners hydrated and motivated to race to the finish! 

     The 6.2 mile course was definitely hilly and the humidity made miles 4 and 5 pretty tough.  However, the finish line waiting in front of the Llbean Flagship Storeon Main Street was so worth it!! 

     Running that last mile down Main Street with American flags hanging on store fronts and people cheering made for a very memorable July 4th in my home state! The race from start to finish was beautiful, well organized and fun!! 

     Following the race, is the annual Freeport Fourth of July Parade and Festivities

There is still time to register for this Iconic July 4th Road Race!! I will be returning to Maine again this July, to run this race on July 4th! 

Key Kitchen/Pantry Staples-Create Amazing Bowls and Meals



     My philosophy on healthy eating is all about having a well stocked fridge and pantry.  It’s all about focusing on local and seasonal ingredients to make meal planning easy and healthy! 

Pantry Must Haves:

  • Dried black beans
  • Dried black-eyed-peas
  • Dried Chick Peas {Garbanzo Beans}
  • Brown Basmatti rice
  • Quinoa
  • Robust, Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Walnut Oil
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Sea Salt
  • Ground Cayenne pepper
  • Fresh garlic bulbs
  • Russet potatoes or a variety of fingerling potatoes
  • Lemon and Garlic Seasoning- bulk section at whole foods
  • Chimichurri seasoning-bulk section at Whole Foods

Fridge Staples:

  • Jarred Salsa
  • Fresh, local carrots
  • Local eggs
  • Local and Seasonal greens- kale, Swiss chard, spinach
  • Local tomatoes- best kept at room temperature on counter
  • Oranges and lemons


  • Flash Frozen, Sustainable, and Wild Caught Fish! From this Amazing Company –HERE
  • Frozen edamame 
  • Frozen green peas

Prep! Prep! Prep! 

  • Pre-soak, then cook various dried beans- store in 1 cup portions in quart size freezer bags
  • Cook 4 cups each of rice and quinoa, then store in 1 cup portions in quart size freezer bags
  • Peel, chop and cook 4-6 medium sweet potatoes and store 1/2 cup portions in quart size freezer bags
  • Rinse, peel and chop fresh carrots- store in containers
  • Store various, fresh and local greens in these containers- My Favorite Produce Containers found HERE

Easy Meals and Quick Bowls: 

So many variations on healthy bowls to create and mix and match!  

Sweet Potato, Kale, Swiss Chard , Black-eyed-Peas anc Brown Basmatti Rice Bowl


Quinoa, edamame, tomatoes and chopped garlic bowl


sauteed potatoes, green peas and chopped raw carrots on mixed lettuce with walnut oiland chopped garlic


scrambled eggs with brown rice, mixed greens, and sirracha sauce


quinoa with chick peas, sauteed garlic and shallots, spinach and orange zest


Sock-Eye Salmon with chimichurri seasoning over mixed greens and brown rice


chimichurri haddock with black beans, salsa and sour cream over brown rice


Sea Scallops Pan Seared in a lemon and garlic seasoning, served with mounds of avocado and brown rice


Any meal planning tips? How do you organize and prep to save time?

Be sure to check out the various fish packages from this company- HERE Omega 3s!! 

ZoomaRun Annapolis: Race Recap and ZOOMANation

Disclosure: As a 2015 ZOOMA race ambassador I received complimentary entry into the race. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own

Last Saturday, May 30th, I toed the line at 7:00am for my 4th half marathon and 5th ZoomaRun race! It was a beautiful, but humid and sunny, morning in Annapolis, Maryland!  Due to the notorious heat and humidity of this race each year, I’ve gone back and forth with running either the 10k or 13.1. However, the Zooma Run Race experience keeps drawing me in to run this race every year!  

Sunny Morning at Annapolis Naval Academy Stadium

The day before the race, I took a day off from teaching to drive up to Annapolis.  Every year I look forward to staying overnight at the race host hotel,  Loews Annapolis Hotel. I love the location of this hotel because it’s a mile from the start and finish line of the ZoomaRun 10k and Half Marathon! The hotel is also within walking distance of historic downtown Annapolis with great restaurants and shops! 

The view down Main Street of historic downtown Annapolis. Just a short walk from the ZoomaRun host hotel!


This year my longtime friend from high school decided to drive up to Annapolis and run the half marathon with me! Jennifer and I ran cross country and track together in high school, twenty something years ago! Friday afternoon, the day before the race, we per used the ZoomaRun vendor expo and had lunch downtown! 

So much fun posing for pics at the ZoomaRun Race Expo with my long time high school friend!


ZoomaRun always has a well organized race expo! At the race expo there were several running gear and race inspired vendors! Bib pick up was also available and well organized! My two favorite companies, Charm City Run Annapolis Store and Effective Integrative Healthcare had booths! My sports chiropractor, Dr. Patricia DeNardo was there to offer free kinesiology taping! I’ve been getting graston, trigger point therapy and ultrasound on my achilles from Dr. DeNardo since early March! 


Dr. DeNardo, in pink, taping for free at the ZoomaRun Expo!


Dr. DeNardo with Effective Integrative Healthcare taped my achilles!

Scenes from the ZoomaRun Race Expo! Zooma Inspired of Course!    

Course preview map was on display!  Every year the Zooma Run Annapolis team works hard to provide a well organized and mapped course with good signage! No race is perfect, but Zooma strives to have a well marked course and hydration stops throughout the race! 

Zooma Run 10k and half marathon course map!



Race Day Pic of the Infamously Tough Naval Academy Bridge! The half marathon course takes you over thus bridbe twice!

After hanging out at the expo, it was time for race bib pick up! Along with the race bib, ZoomaRun provided runners with a high performance tech tee from Green Layer Sports, a blank journal and a pair of Feetures Running Socks! Each year that I’ve run Zooma races, the race swag bag has varied, but it’s always quality over quantity. 

After enjoying the race expo, I squeezed in a quick nap in my comfy double bed hotel room! Then, later on that evening I met up with my fellow ZoomaRun Race Ambassadors! I enjoyed getting to know these ladies through their personal blogs, ZoomaRun training events and the ZoomaRun Ambassador Facebook page! Below is a pic from the race ambassador dinner meet up the night prior to racing! 

 The highlight of dinner that night was the very real and open conversations about running, juggling life and family, and looking ahead to future goals! I really enjoyed my conversation with Creigh Kelley-read about him here, Renowned Race Announcer! He shared his experience as an elite runner, father and coach. 

And then, an ambassador pic race morning! 


The heat, hills and humidity were tough, but I finished my 4th half marathon with a smile! thanks to fellow ZoomaRun ambassador, Aundra, for the finish line pic!


ZoomaRun creates opportunities for women runners of all levels to come together!  This year, having this opportunity to be a ZoomaRun ambassador was inspiring and motivating! I met women who show strength and determination through running and varied lifestyles! ZooMANation is women who motivate, challenge and engage other women runners! 

I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest at detailing mile by mile race recaps.  I don’t take a ton of pics during my actual faces.  This year’s half marathon was tough due to the heat, hills and humidity. My fellow ZoomaRun ambassador, Cynthia, has a link up here-You Signed Up for What with ZoomaRun recaps! 

Why ZoomaRun? 

I really want to highlight the reasons that I keep running Zooma! Over the last several years I’ve run Annapolis many times! I’ve also followed ZoomaRun to Cape Cod!  Each year ZoomaRun races return to some favorite race locations and add new ones! Checkout the ZoomaRun RaceCations here-ZoomaRun Women’s Race Series 

ZoomaRun gear and medals over the years! ZoomaRun is aboiut determination, strength and Inspiration!

Thoughts on ZoomaRun and What Keeps Me Running with ZOOMANation: 

  • Beautiful, scenic courses in gorgeous host towns and cities
  • Relaxing and luxurious host hotels

ZoomaRun Women’s Race Series is all about inspiring women, supporting women and developing relationships with women owned companies! Through ZoomaRun I’ve had the opportunity to network with other women and form some lasting friendships with fellow runners/bloggers! I’m very thankful for two amazing friendships that happened at ZoomaRun races-Colleen and Lisa 

ZoomaRun Partners with Women Owned Companies! Empowering and Uplifting Women:

Over the years, I’ve watched ZoomaRun continually reflect on and strive to improve the race experience for all women. ZoomaRun continues to network, engage and form relationships with women through races, blogging and the Zooma Life Podcasts 

The ZooomaRun Women’s Race Series is more than just running a 5k, 10k or half marathon! It’s about continuing to encourage and promote a healthy and active lifestyle for women. 

ZoomaRun Annapolis Discount Code for next spring-2016

Code: DOITAGAIN 10% off half marThon or 10k 

Expires midnight June 7th! 

{so half marathon is only $76.00} 

ZoomaRun Cape Code Race Discount- Code:Angela15 

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ZoomaRun CapeCod race date is Saturday September 26, 2015

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Have you ever run a ZoomaRun race? Any tips or suggestions on improving the race experience?