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Life: Mother, Runner, and Teacher

     Not even sure where to begin with this post! I feel as if years have past since my last post on April 29th.  I turned 40. Do I feel older? Not really. However, I feel as though I’m just getting started with new adventures! 

    Back in April, I attended a two day RRCA Coaching Certification course. 


So much information over two, full days! Two days of lecture, note taking and group discussion.  This course was so beneficial in helping to build a solid foundation of knowledge in the world of running and coaching! 

  • History of influential coaches
  • Types of runners and their needs through training
  • Types of running
  • Business of coaching
  • Nutrition 
  • Sports psychology

Two great resources to add to my coaching library!

And. . . I passed the 100 question online exam with a 90%!! 

My coaching certificate, but my last name is spelled wrong. “sad face”


Fast forward- End of April and Early May! Here are some photos with captions! 


Birthday Celebrations! I turned 40 and my Redhead turned 14!


My Redhead attended her 8th grade formal on May 15th!


Proud Mommy Moment! My Redhead won the 200 meter run at the middle school track meet! 29.20 seconds!


Enjoyed a Saturday morning Zooma Annapolis training run with some new friends!!


Love it when ZoomaNation and Charmcity Run collaborate! Fun times!


Getting back into barre class with a bunch of local ladies! Love having a Pure Barre class that is local!


Continuing to journal my weekly running and workouts in my Believe Journal!


The first night of the local barre class ended with a little bubbly! So much fun!

So! Cheers to catching everyone up on some big and small moments in my life lately! Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?!  

Do you ever fall behind in blogging? How do you catch up? What’s been keeping you busy?