Running Maine

     Some days runners just have to get the speed work done and miles logged.  However, running routes do matter and can make a huge difference, mentally and physically, in effort and pace.  

     When you find that perfect route to run- you know, the one that makes you feel that rush of adrenaline, that run becomes amazing.  Running routes that feed the body and soul with fresh air and scenic views.  Running becomes effortless, it’s easy to feel the miles fly by! 

    Running Back Cove Bay

      While visiting southern, coastal Maine last week, I enjoyed running two beautiful scenic routes. Running routes surrounded by beauty motivate me to get outside and run. Often times, especially during heavy training season, running can become monotonous and uninviting. Sometimes a runner just needs a change of scenery to keep the spark in training! 

     I thoroughly enjoyed my early morning runs along the trails of Back Cove Bay in Portland, Maine. 


     The trails around Back Cove Bay are a combination of gravel and packed dirt that loop around around the estuary basin. The loop is about 3.5 miles.  There are so many reasons to love this running/walking route! Along the trail are several public water fountains that are human and dog friendly! The trail offers amazing views of the city of Portland.  It is very walker, runner, stroller friendly! 


various views from along the trail! Loved the view of Maine’s iconic B&M Baked Beans from the bridge!


Enjoying the deep blue views of the estuary basin around Back Cove Bay!


    Click the link for  more information on Back Cove Bay Its definitely worth enjoying while visiting Maine! 

Eastern Trail Along Scarborough Marsh

     Another scenic trail worth walking or running can be found off of Pine Point road in Scarborough, Maine.  The trails are mostly dirt, yet somewhat snow covered in late March/early April.  Along this trail you’ll find runners, walkers and families sightseeing! The trail can be accessed from either side of Pine Point road.  


    Views of Scarborough Marsh along the open parts of the trail are gorgeous!  Sea gulls, ducks and geese are just some of the various wildlife that call this area home!  Most of the trail is fairly flat with a few sloping inclines over small bridges that overlook parts of the Marsh! 


Parts of the trail were still snow covered in late March/Early April

     For more information, click this link- Eastern Trail- Scarborough, Maine

These are definitely running routes that I will enjoy throughout the year as I visit my “former” homestate.  {Maine will Always be “home” in my heart}

Do you have a favorite running route?  Do you vary your running routes during heavy training? 

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