March Madness: Running, Trains and NYC

So. . . March roared in like a lion, full of power and excitement! March seems to be that month where two personalities collide.  Winter and spring battling for that shot of attention! March also, seems like it could be the longest of months, then. . . just like that, it’s over!

Here is a look back on this crazy month, fondly known as March Madness.  It was filled with running, one last snow storm and a fun train ride to New York City!!

March Began with One Last Snowstorm! I couldn’t resist, what I knew would be, my last snowy run of the winter season!  The trees and homes were covered in a thick blanket of snow!


My golden retriever loving an evening romp in our last snowfall of March!

Then, by the second week of March, everything was starting to melt! And it was off to the next adventure! 

On Saturday, March 8th, I met up with fellow ZoomaRun Ambassadors at the Annapolis running store.  Charm City Run hosted a meet-n- greet for the ambassadors as well as other runners that were “Kicking Off” the Zooma Run Annapolis training season! Zooma will host the half marathon and 10k race on Saturday May 30th, 7:00am at the Annapolis, Maryland Naval Academy stadium!  It’s not too late, to register  HERE And use Code KARA15 for a 10% discount off Race Registration!


It was a blast getting to meet and mingle with all the fellow Zooma Run Ambassadors! We enjoyed chatting and sharing “all things running and blogging”!!  Charm City Run store is always an amazing host for this event!  The store offered yoga that morning, along with great discounts on store running gear and accessories!



The runners enjoyed an easy and relaxed 3 mile jog around the Annapolis Town Center.  We did have to walk, gingerly at times, over large patches of ice! 


     After the short run, runners were treated to hot coffee and assorted bagels with a variety of cream cheese spreads! Runners could eat, shop and chat!! A huge thanks to Charm City Run for partnering with Zooma again this year! 

Then it was off to the next March adventure. . .    

March Madness continued that weekend with a quick train ride and overnight stay in New York City!   I drove from Annapolis that morning to Union train station in DC! 

The view of the New York City skyline by train!


I turn 40 years old in April!! This was a fun weekend in NYC!  I met up with one of my high school friends and his girlfriend! I loved taking the train into NYC because I could relax and enjoy the entire weekend, without the worry of driving! We were celebrating March and April birthdays that weekend!

I  enjoyed a glass of wine at the hotel, after walking several blocks from the Penn train station at Madison Square Garden! After running 3 miles that morning, I decided to skip the cab and walk to the hotel.  I finished the day with roughly 7 miles of walking/running! Heehee! 


Later on that night  I met up with my high school friend and his girlfriend! We started the evening at Grand Central station! I lived in the Mid Hudson valley of Upstate NY during high school and loved taking the Metro North train into Grand Central! Grand Central is more than just a train station! It has shops, a huge market and restaurants! 


Finally, Saturday evening ended with a late dinner and drinks at this amazing restaurant in NYC! Lure Fish Bar


A perfect ending to a crazy, busy month! It was an amazing month, but now it’s time to wrap up the month of March! 

The next two months will be dedicated to ten weeks of training for Zooma Run Annapolis 13.1!!

How was your month of “March Madness”? Any fun and exciting highlights? 

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