Quinoa Broth Bowl:Inspired by Panera Bread #Recipe

Several weeks ago, my daughter and I enjoyed lunch out at Panera Bread.  I was excited to try the new “Broth Bowls”! 

The above picture is the Panera Bread Broth bowl! I really enjoyed the flavorful, but light tasting broth.  The bowl was full of tender lentils, quinoa, carrots and diced tomatoes with fresh spinach. I chose the cage free hard boiled egg as a protein. I savored every last bite and vowed to immediately recreate this recipe at home! 

My Recipe: My Version Below!

  • 1 cup precooked quinoa- set aside and add later! 
  • 1 cup presoaked and cooked lentils
  • In a large deep sauté pan:
  1. Sauté 5 cloves chopped garlic and 1 large chopped shallot in olive oil
  2. Add 3 fresh chopped carrots
  • Seasonings: 

-Several grinds of Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning

2 teaspoons of the following:

-Ground cumin

-Ground paprika

– Coarse Sea Salt

-ground turmeric

-1 vegetable bouillon cube

Continue with these recipe steps

3. Sauté all veggies and seasonings

4. Add 2 cups chopped fresh kale 

5. Add 2 cups water and simmer everything Until All Veggies are Tender!

6. Stir in precooked quinoa and presoaked and cooked lentils

And 1 can, drained chopped diced tomatoes!

7. Top with 2 cups fresh chopped spinach- it will wilt from heat of soup! 

8. Prepare hardboiled eggs for topping reheated soup each day for lunch! 

Time Saver Tips:

  • Presoak and precook 2 to 4 cups lentils and quinoa, then divide up into smaller portions. Freeze in freezer bags. Thaw before using in recipes! 

This soup freezes well! I freeze 1 cup portions in freezer bags, then grab for lunch! 

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