Exciting Plans For 2015:Another Chapter To Write

Happy New Year Everyone! Excited for new opportunities and goals to be accomplished!  A huge “Thank You” to the awesome blogger/runners, Eat Pray Run DC,  Mar On the Runand You Signed Up for Whatfor hosting this Friday Five Link Up!


A New Year for New Goals and Opportunities!

Each year is like a new chapter.  I love looking at life from the perspective of new chances and opportunities to write about. A chance to reflect on the past, but also look ahead and forge new plans.  As I have said many times before, our lives are “open books”, just waiting for new chapters to be written.  Dust off those pens, pick up those planners, calendars and journals.  A new chapter is waiting to fill the pages of our most exciting plans and goals for the new year!

Five Big Goals for This New Chapter

  • Running goals for this year include: A course PR for the ZoomaRun Annapolis Half Marathon in May.  This course has some tough uphill climbs through historic Annapolis, Maryland. Dedicating more time to weight and strength training for injury prevention and overall improved fitness. Yoga classes for Hips and Core Balance will also be part of my weekly fitness routine.
  • Over the last two years, I’ve had the joy of watching my own daughter blossom in to a strong runner.  Lately, my Redhead has been logging more miles than me! My daughter and I have run several 5k races together and we enjoy running miles through our neighborhood together.  I want to continue running with my daughter because I feel it is a healthy way for us to stay connected and strengthen communication during her teen years.
  • Organize and coach my elementary Green Team for a late spring 5k.  The 5k will raise money for a local charity that aims to improve the environment.  I’m excited for this venture because it allows me to share my love of running with the students I teach and Give Back to the local community.  This opportunity is perfect timing in conjunction with my upcoming RRCA Coaching Certification class in April.

Two Professional Goals:

  • Writing is something I enjoy and I would love the opportunity to build a career in Freelance Writing.  This year I’m going to seek out more opportunities for writing to a larger audience.  I’ll be taking local or online classes in Freelance Writing to build my skills as a writer.
  • Natural and Organic nutrition has always been one of my greatest passions.  I value whole, unprocessed cooking and eating.  I’m currently in my 17th year of teaching elementary school, however, I’d like to pursue classes towards becoming a Nutrition Coach.

As this new chapter unfolds, I’ll be journaling and keeping track of life with this beautiful and inspiring journal!



      It’s a new year! What will You write in your next chapter?  How do you keep track of your goals?



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