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Running Highlights of 2014

There are so many great posts circulating through the blogging world on “The Best of Running in 2014”! I loved reading Karen’s Here! It’s fun to look back on everyone’s amazing year of running and racing! This annual link-up was started by Amanda who blogs over at Miss Zippy

This year, running was about setting some pretty important goals! Looking back on 2014, I found more strength and courage to push myself. Training and running were tough at times, but I persevered. I also learned to really listen to my body. Running is so therapeutic and energizing at the same time. Running and racing this year was incredibly rewarding!

Best Race Experience?

Without a doubt, my best racing experience was the Maine Marathon If I had asked myself, even two years ago, “So, will you run 26.2”, the response would have been, No! However, the desire to become a marathoner before I turned 40 in April 2015, led me to running 26.2! Official time of 4:41:17! My first Ever Marathon!

I chose the Maine marathon so I could go “home” and race through all my favorite towns. The scenery was gorgeous and the early morning fog and drizzle gave way to crisp sunshine! I loved sharing this race experience with my parents. I’ll never forget the look of pride on my father’s face as I crossed the finish line!


Best Run?

In the weeks of training leading up to the Maine marathon, I saw my weekly long runs increasing in mileage. It was tough and exciting at the same time! Amazing to see what my body was capable of with the proper fueling and training! Some of those long runs were really tough due to the southern Maryland heat and humidity. My last long run was on a warm Sunday morning. I ran my longest double digit run ever! Running the 20 miler with two amazing running friends made it so enjoyable! I appreciate the motivation that running with friends provides! Hydrating and fueling with natural bars and bananas went well! I felt a huge sense of accomplishment!


Best New Piece of Gear?

Wasn’t really sure about what to write about! My Lucy Active Wear Endurance Run Shorts were awesome! A roomy back pocket that fit my iPhone 5, plus two more front slip pockets! These shorts were great for running and racing, but still being able to carry the essentials! However, I now have to share them with my 13 year old daughter!

Best Piece of Running Advice?

Honestly, I have received really good running advice from some exceptional runners! The advice that stands out has been to – find a training plan and schedule that works for you! Also, I’ve noticed that many of my running friends benefit from sports massages, sports chiropractors and sports physical therapist! Advice and lessons on the importance of core strength and weight training has been engrained in my running regimen. I now know, glutes and hip strength are huge key players in better running form and injury prevention! So, this is the advice and lessons learned, that I will carry with me in to the New Year!

Most Inspirational Runner?

Every single runner that I know, in person and through social media has inspired me! The running community is strong in motivation and inspiration. Daily posts of determination and runners training hard to reach their goals has pushed me to be my best! However, I owe so much inspiration and motivation to my former high school cross country and track coach, Steve Perks! Coach Perks, as I still refer to him as, influenced me in such a positive way that has stuck with me all these years! Over the years I have kept in touch with Coach Perks! He taught me to “Run Tuff” and that has been a running mantra that has stuck with me! Coach Perks saw in me at times, a strength, that I didn’t always see in myself! “Run Tuff”

Final Thoughts and Images!

A Marathon PR, a 5k PR and the honor of becoming a ZoomaRun Annapolis 2015 Ambassador!


Strength. Accomplishments. Growth!

Share best race or running experience of 2014!

Link up with Amanda to share your year of running high lights!


Reflecting on 2014 and A New Chapter

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This past year has been about, “Dreaming the Impossible-Possible”. Through running I found strength and confidence in pursuing goals. Accomplishing things and reaching new milestones. The end of 2014, marks the end of another decade lived. Ten years ago, I was thirty years old and could not even imagine what I’d be tens years later. Yet, here I am today; turning forty years old in April 2015!

At 20 years old, I was still finding myself. At times, trying to become someone I wasn’t. There have been moments where I tried to “fit” a predetermined mold. Now, 20 years later, I’m happy and strong in my own skin.

Running has played a major role in shaping my life and perspective. Through training and racing, I’ve become stronger mentally and physically. Friendships and networks have been formed through running. I’ve become part of a community of runners that motivate and inspire. As a teacher who runs, I’ve encouraged my students to, “run their own race, be ‘their’ best.” It’s okay to be inspired by others, but don’t let anyone make you feel less than your best.

So, here’s to a new chapter, another decade to live and explore. Leaving some pages of past chapters-“dog eared”. Moving forward, knowing that it’s okay to take risks! A risk on being real, being yourself. Only then, can you truly see what you are capable of achieving.

A new look and new direction for this blog! I considered changing the name of my blog, to something more “running themed”. However, I’m a mom to my beautiful redhead who has my heart. The lighthouse, PortlandHeadlight, represents my “Beacon of Light that Keeps My Life Shining.”

An opportunity to ink new adventures, yet holding on to my original blog name.